8 Amazing Adventures To Do In The Komodo Island

Komodo, the island of the dragons. But nope, they aren’t spitting fire or flying with their spiky wings. Komodos are giant lizards endemic to a few islands in Indonesia. True enough, they even have an island named after them, the Komodo Island. Tourists flock here year in and year out to see these unique creatures. Still, there’s more that you can discover if you’re thinking what to do in Komodo Island.

Inside the island is the Komodo National Park where the prehistoric lizards are freely living and protected from any threat of poaching or captivity. The place welcomes tourists so they can also witness the natural beauty of the area. If you want to go here, make sure to enjoy these eight things:

1. Take photos of the komodos

The first stop is at the famous Komodo National Park where you get to see the lizards up close. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can see the reptiles pacing freely on the ground. They are massive lizards that look creepy with their thick, scaly skin. Unlike other lizards, they utilize their legs to lift their bodies off the ground.

Komodos are relatively safe as long as you won’t bother or touch them. So far, only one tourist has been attacked ever since the island started receiving guests. And hey, beware because the park smells intensely of Komodo poo.

2. Visit the three-colored beaches at Padar Island

As one of the islands of Komodo, Padar is one that shouldn’t be overlooked on your itinerary. It’s located in the national park and you can hike your way up to see the stunning three-colored beaches. The shorelines are products of the branching islands where each one has a unique shade. It is black, white, and pink.

The view from the top of the Padar island is marvelous. You get to see the panorama of the sea and the neighboring islets. Surely a nice spot for some Instagram-able snaps.

what to do in Komodo Island

3. What to do in Komodo Island: Go scuba diving

The beauty of the Komodo island doesn’t just lay on the surface, there’s more to discover down below. It’s a good thing if you get certified for scuba diving even before you visit the island. If not, you can always find an instructor in Bali if you have the time and you can afford to travel that much. In case you’re not as fortunate as the others, you can still enjoy the view below by snorkeling.

Don’t go on your own. Ask a tour guide to accompany you so he can advise about the diving spots.

4. Marvel at the pink sand beach

If there’s one famous attraction in Komodo island aside from the lizards, it would be the Pink Beach. You no longer need to adjust the filters of your photo just to capture the stunning nature miracle. The pink pigments came from the corals that grow beneath the waters. It turns into powder form when the waves crash into it. The fine coral powder would then be washed into the shore that gives the sand a pink/reddish look.

The pink color isn’t prominent if glanced from afar. But as you get close, you’ll be amazed by how pink it is. A must-try if you’re thinking about what to do on Komodo Island.

what to do in Komodo Island

5. Down a glass booze at Le Pirate

The Komodo island is not as developed as Bali and the Java island. So when it’s nighttime, there isn’t much to do aside from night diving. If you want, you can stay at the Le Pirate and get yourself a glassful of booze.

Le Pirate is actually a hotel where you can also check in if you’re staying for days. There are 15 unique bungalows in the area as well as a restaurant and bar with live music. If you want a quiet chill out, you can dip yourself on the pool at the fourth floor.

6. Feast your eyes in the Milky Way

Okay, so you’re not into night diving and you want to keep your sobriety. What else is left to do? Grab a chair and feast your eyes on the Milky Way right on the shore. Just make sure that you will keep an eye on your surroundings as some komodos may join you in the sight-seeing. It will be a magical moment especially if you have a fresh glass of cocktail to sip.

There isn’t much pollution in the Komodo island so you’re sure to witness this natural spectacle. An excellent compensation for the failed diving, just in case you can’t include that on you what to do in Komodo Island list.

what to do in Komodo Island

7. Go for a manta dive

In case you have a certification to go scuba diving, you can join a manta dive in the Komodo island. You can check out the diving company called Manta Rhei, they offer great service in bringing you to the diving spot. They have an excellent boat with free breakfast and beverages if you want some.

If you happen to be out of shape to scuba dive, you can ask them to accommodate you for a snorkeling trip. Just remember that there’s no guarantee that you can see a whole school of manta rays. Still, diving on the manta spot is amazing given the corals and other marine life.

8. Enjoy hiking

For once, get out of the stunning water and appreciate the beauty of the mountains in the island. Go hiking! You’re going to thank me later while you’re savoring the panoramic view of the sea and other islands. This is where you get to disconnect from the world and just breathe fresh air. It’s a good bonding time with a special someone especially if the weather isn’t too sunny or too gloomy.

Are you thinking about what to do in Komodo Island? These eight activities here are just some of the exciting stuff you can enjoy on the pristine island. So go pack your bags and discover this part of Indonesia yourself.

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8 Amazing Adventures To Do In The Komodo Island

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