10 Places To Visit in Bali For A Fun Trip

Bali’s beauty is beyond its captivating beaches. There are many places to visit in Bali that imbibes the same splendor even without a touch of azure waters. You can see temples, museums, parks, and other attractions here if you just allow yourself to be more adventurous. There’s more to Bali than what meets the tourists’ eye.

As one of the most developed islands in Indonesia, Bali is surprisingly rich in natural wonders and century-old architecture. It’s a testament to how the locals value their culture. If you’re interested in visiting some of it, here is a shortlist for your itinerary.

1. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is the most iconic landmark of Bali. It’s a temple situated in a small rock formation-like islet where the waves crash from the sea.  In the evening, this quiet lot turns into a bustling tourist site with people from surrounding places like Legion and Kuta visit.

This temple is said to be built in the 16th century and tourists are not allowed to enter on the temples but the surrounding rock formations can be walked on during low tide. When you’re tired of walking, you can take a stop at the restaurant on top of the rock to have a quick meal. You can enjoy a serving of Civet coffee here while the animals roam around.

places to visit in Bali

2. Ubud Monkey Forest

One of the best places to visit in Bali is the Ubud Monkey Forest. Although this is a sacred place and the macaques look cute, you’ll need a higher level of guts to go here. Many tourists have experiences when the monkeys attack them or pickpocket their stuff. Still, this is very popular for tourists and a lot of people flock here regardless of their fear.

The Monkey Forest tour would be worthwhile if you proceed with enough caution. Aside from the monkeys, there are also temples and a water fountain inside. You should keep in mind that this is a religious place for the locals. Throw your garbage properly and avoid spitting.

3. Mount Batur

A Bali visit won’t be complete without trekking one of its active volcanoes. Mount Batur can be hiked in just two hours for physically fit visitors. You can join the Sunrise Trekking for a fee so you can safely explore the beauty of the mountain while being served with breakfast cooked in the volcano steam. What a meal!

The tour will include a stop on the Bali Agrotourism where you can see how locals make their traditional coffee and herbal teas. You’ll also be allowed a sample to taste.

Due to Hindu religious reasons, you should know that they won’t allow women to climb the mountain if they are pregnant or in their monthly period.

4. Places To Visit In Bali: Pura Besakih

If you’re visiting Bali for a religious pilgrimage, you shouldn’t miss the largest and holiest temple complex in the island. Pura Besakih is famous to Bali as the ‘Mother’s Temple’ and it’s situated at the slopes of Mount Agung. The temples here are dedicated to the Hindu trinity and you should note that the inner yards are closed to the public. Those are dedicated to Hindu pilgrims.

The Pura Besakih has about 86 temples that are 1,000 years old already. Each area represents the layers of the universe based on the Hindu beliefs and has its own anniversaries. Before you go here, it’s expected that you wear a sarong, sash, and a decent top.

5. Sanur Beach

Sanur is Bali’s quintessential beach destination. Although it seems to be forgotten by many backpackers, it still has its charm and beauty in the works. This is also the gateway to the Komodo Island if ever you’re planning to visit. Sanur is the image of tropical Balinese not to mention the coconut trees that make the scene even more Asian-like.

You can spend your time on the beach or head to the Sudamala Resort. Even if you arrive on a peak season, you still can enjoy the tranquility of Sanur by the pool. It can be your little paradise or you can mix with the crowd at the places to visit in Bali.

places to visit in Bali

6. Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali is gifted with such scenic shorelines and it also has a share of diverse wildlife. If you want to see this for yourself, you can head to the Bali Safari and Marine Park. You’ll be welcomed in a Jurassic Park-like entrance where you can ride a safari bus to get you around the place. There are animal shows here and you can have the chance to discover the actual safari where the animals are roaming freely.

If you have kids with you, you can enjoy the Funzone and Water Park so don’t forget to bring spare clothes. The park is almost deserted during weekdays so if you want to enjoy the tranquility of fewer kids running around, you know when to book.

7. Waterbom Bali

It’s not only on the beaches where you can catch a fun splash. You shouldn’t miss the intertwining waterslide called ‘The Viper’ where people of all ages dare to make the long slide. Waterbom just never gets old even if you’re already a parent with five kids.

The family favorite here is the Python that’s a yellow tube intertwining with the green Viper ones. If you get tired of trying all the snake-named slides here, don’t forget to treat yourself at the food court. You can also try the swim up bar that you can’t find in other places to visit in Bali.

The best thing about Waterbom is they recycle about 3600 cubic meters of water each day. You enjoy and you also made the environment a big deal instead of dipping on other pools.

8. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The Tegallalang Rice Terraces is the first attraction to come to mind once Ubud is mentioned. And this remarkable landmark is truly a sight of natural wonder with its terraced paddies that are located in a lush green landscape. The view is breathtaking and it will be a sin not to take a few selfies here. Strolling along the paddies is a simple yet adventurous activity while the breeze caresses your face.

An elder farmer who owns the land will likely invite you to try a sip of his coconut drink. Be a good guest and accept his offer. As an act of gratitude, buy a souvenir from his woven hats for just a small fee. This is just a small price for the best places to visit in Bali.

places to visit in Bali

9. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu is one of the most important temples in Indonesia. It’s said to be one of the key spiritual pillars in Bali and is situated on top of the cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. This is a must-visit because aside from being a holy destination, it’s also the best sunset spot in the whole island.

There’s also a small forest surrounding the temple where monkeys live freely. You can visit the site by trekking but it’s best to bring a guide with you.

10. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

One of Bali’s most iconic spots is the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. This is a temple complex located beside the Beratan Lake and is a photographer favorite with its stunningly calm atmosphere. This is the perfect sanctuary for someone looking for a laid-back Bali visit.

The temples on this complex are built during the 17th century and are the seemingly Indonesia’s architectural exhibit. This is also celebrated for its floating effect when the water on the lake is on the rise.

There are many places to visit in Bali that won’t break the bank but will still give you an awesome experience. The places I listed here are just some of the best spots in Bali that you can go to. Just remember that some of these are sacred lands and needs respect. Which of these are you planning to visit?

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10 Places To Visit in Bali For A Fun Trip

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