The Best Time To Visit Indonesia: Tips Before You Book A Stay

As a tropical country, Indonesia experiences summer and rainy seasons. For a creative traveler, this country can be a year-round destination. But for some who wants a summer getaway, knowing the best time to visit Indonesia is crucial. One thing that will affect the weather is the archipelagic state of the country where the surrounding waters can aggravate a storm during the rainy season. But during summer, the waters become the haven for many tourists.

Here, I listed some information you should know about a specific time when to visit this Asian nation.

Indonesia Year-Round

best time to visit Indonesia

January to March

This time of the year is when monsoon rains and storms are still at peak, especially during January. Attractions like the Mount Rinjani National Park are closed during those months. Trekking and hiking won’t be a wise activity during this time as mountains are wet and slippery and local guides may not allow you to proceed.

Islands like Sumatra and Flores are almost inaccessible during January and February as ferries won’t be accepting travels due to the harsh ocean condition. The likes of Kalimantan and Bali have calmer weather at this point but it’s not as dry as you might be expecting.

April to June

April is the start of the Indonesia pilgrimage for tourists flying for a summer getaway. The weather is sunny and the chances of heavy rains are low if not rare. Activities that include tours are already accessible at this point and the islands are easier to reach via ferries.

But keep in mind that Indonesians are mostly Muslims. The end of Ramadan usually occurs in the month of June or July where most locals take it as a holiday and a time to have their own vacation. Some destinations could be closed as well as establishments and it may not be the best time to visit Indonesia.

July to September

Like what I said earlier, July could be the time for the end of Ramadan or the Lebaran holiday. Most likely, traffic here would be crazy and the locals would still be shuffling to go back to their businesses. Aside from the few Catholic-owned establishments, you may not have enough choices. The first month of this quarter may not be the best pick.

But if you’re looking for the right time, August and September would be the best. The weather is very sunny and the locals have already settled from the past holiday. Visiting on the month of August is highly advisable as there are fewer tourists and the atmosphere is alive.

October to December

You can still take chances on the nice weather of October, but once it’s November, you should think twice about your travel. The 11th month is the start of the rainy season where storms and monsoons will be very prevalent. This condition will continue up to the first quarter of the following year.

If you only have October to December to travel, your activities will be limited. Hiking sites could be close and swimming on the beaches could be dangerous. More likely, you’ll just have a staycation on your hotel with chances of visiting temples and inland attractions once the weather gets better for a few hours.

Some considerations for the best time to visit Indonesia

best time to visit Indonesia

1. Your activity of choice

Commonly, tourists would want a vibrant time to go to different Indonesian islands. But it’s just right to consider first the activities you’re planning to do. Hiking, swimming, and visiting temples would likely be enjoyable during summer months. Still, you can take chances on Bali for a staycation on a luxury hotel with an infinity pool.

Such setup will work if you’re not planning to go around town or to take a dip on the beach. This is a rare case for a traveler, but it will be advantageous if so.

2. The island you’re visiting

During rainy days, the likes of Flores and Banda islands are almost impossible to reach due to the harsh condition of the sea. If you’re just sticking in Bali, you won’t have any issues about island accessibility though some attractions are impossible to visit. The island of Java would usually get a lot of rains but it’s tolerable than the torrential situations on pristine islands.

If you want to experience Bali at its top shape, visit during summer months. There’s no other way to catch the waves safely but when there’s no storm. This is also true to the majority of the islands in the archipelago.

3. Your expectations

Of course, visiting on a rainy season with expectations of hiking and swimming would be disappointing. If you want to go partying and strolling along the beach, visit during dry months. The heat can be very debilitating, but it’s better than seeing the attractions all soaked in the rain. Still, summer is the best time to visit Indonesia.

If you’re just planning to pull the plug and stay inside a hotel, you can go here during the rainy season. Going off-season means that hotels aren’t in ‘tourist’ mode and it’s likely that you can be the only guest of the homestay or resort you’re visiting.

The Final Verdict

April to October is your safest bet for a vacation. This may vary from tourist to tourist but this time of the year is when resorts are in full operation and the attractions are ready to accommodate visitors. Many sites could be crowded but it’s better than going alone.

The mentioned months are preferable on whatever island you’ll visit. Still, you should expect a little rain when you go here in the last week of October. There are many online advisories you can refer to while you’re planning your trip.

Overall, the best time to visit Indonesia depends on the islands you want to visit, activities you want to do, and the expectations you have during your stay. Just remember that Indonesia is a tropical country. It can get really rainy to the point of flooding and it can be very hot to the extent of drying your skin. What’s important is you prepare ahead and enjoy your vacation. What do you think of these points? Let us know!

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The Best Time To Visit Indonesia: Tips Before You Book A Stay

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