Top 10 Best Restaurants in Jakarta To Visit

Indonesia’s capital is an image of a bustling city located at the world’s 13th largest island. Jakarta is home to almost 23 million people and it has a very massive culinary treasure. The capital is also a melting pot of races, being occupied by the Dutch East India Company for a couple of centuries. If you’re looking for the best restaurant in Jakarta, you should expect varying flavors to titillate your taste buds.

From local dishes to a fusion of the Western taste, Jakarta would give you your fit of gastro delights. Touring in the capital has never been this good if you have a list of the places to splurge on your cravings.

1. Suntiang

You can treat yourself in the fusion of West Sumatran and Japanese flavors in the Suntiang restaurant. Let your tastebuds be lost in the spices and rich ingredients of local Indonesian flavors while you savor it in Japanese style. Here at Suntiang, you can enjoy meals like Otak Tempura Balado, Ayam Pop Roll, Gulai Ramen, and more.

From its vibe, this place is more of a Japanese spot but the taste of the food will pull you back to Jakarta. It’s not a fine dining choice but it’s best if you just want a casual bite with a touch of sophistication. If you’re lucky, you might be in time for their Eat-All-You-Can promos where you can splurge on sushi. Their combination of flavors could be a bit weird, but it’s definitely delicious. Prices are reasonable and you won’t break the bank just to have a nice meal here.

This place is located on the third floor of the Pondok Indah Mall and it serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. Aside from Japanese and Indonesian food, they also serve other Asian flavors as well as Halal meals. Don’t miss the miso soup of this best restaurant in Jakarta!

2. Seribu Rasa

Seribu Rasa means ‘One Thousand Flavors’ and you’ll surely have a gastronomic journey once you tasted their meals from different Southeast Asian cultures. The place itself is adorned with earth-colored decors that add up to the enjoyable dining experience. Aside from their usual local food, I suggest that you enjoy a serving of their seafood meals. Good food, nice décor, outstanding ambiance, all that you’ll be looking for a place to eat.

This restaurant has seven branches all over the capital and whichever you choose, you’ll be treated with the same sumptuous menu. Like the Suntiang, this place serves, brunch, lunch, and dinner. You can also have a late night meal here. If you happen to visit the Lippo Mall Kemang branch, you can avail the Beer After Hour promo where you can buy two bottles and get four. So better tag somebody for a little drink!

Seribu Rasa’s food could be a little pricey than the other choices I gave here, but it will definitely be worth the expense. The food isn’t just nice to taste but it’s also aesthetically plated. How about a nice Instagram post?

best restaurant in Jakarta

3. Plataran Dharmawangsa

If you want to dine in a very Asian mood, head to the best restaurant in Jakarta called Plataran Dharmawangsa. It’s situated in a lush stretch of trees and the setup is very earthly and laidback. If you want to try something new, get a table outside the restaurant for dinner. If you time it, you can enjoy the music from their live band as you savor your meal.

Plataran is quite a nice respite if you’re going to the capital for long. They serve local foods like salted egg Gurami, Kang Kung Blacan, Keling fried rice, and more. If you want to taste authentic Indonesia food, this is the place to be. This may not be as classy as five-star restaurants you’d been in, but Plataran has a charm and sophistication in it.

Aside from the food, you can marvel at the cement carvings surrounding the restaurant and other Javanese décors that are worth a few snapshots before you go. This is one of the places in Java that you would want to share with your friends and go back to on your next visit.

4. Kila-Kila by Akasya

Kila Kila wants you to do three things during your visit here: stop for a short while, rest (and splurge), then start again. They serve authentic Indonesian food like Gulai Batibul, Kambing Goreng Zaitun, and Bebek Tuturaga. You have to know that they serve in small portions. If you loved your first serving, you can order more. Kila-kila can run out of desserts sometimes so order right away if you want to taste the Javanese sweet treats. Risk-free dining, isn’t it?

After dining, you can enjoy a stick of cigarette in the smoking room of this best restaurant in Jakarta. They also have a band at night so you can enjoy your dinner together with a nice wine and some music.  The capital can get you stuck in the middle of crazy road traffic on your way here so you better leave your hotel early. Anyway, you can easily change your reservation if you’re running late.

This place is situated at SCBD, which is quite remote if you’re staying in a far hotel. Even if you have to drive a long way, the food is good and it will definitely compensate for the hassle.

5. Café Batik Datulaya

Batik is a famous method of dyeing fabric in Indonesia. So what would you expect at the Café Batik Datulaya? A unique Indonesian experience with decors of the Batik fabric. The place has a homey vibe so you can relax while you fill your stomach with their sumptuous food. You can order the likes of Bistik Ayam, Saus Padang, and their famous ice cream.

Café Batik is a humble place to dine at but they don’t offer advanced reservations. This best restaurant in Jakarta doesn’t have a special meal set but you’ll definitely find your taste on their Indonesian menu. You can request for their outdoor table so you can enjoy the Asian atmosphere at night.

If you want, you can avail their package that includes making batik fabric and bringing it home as a souvenir. You can go here for a late breakfast up to dinner.

This place is located at Tunas Muda, Jakarta that is only two kilometers away from Lippo Mall Puri. If you want a budget-friendly place, the Café Batik is the place to be. It’s also Instagram-able which I think is a big plus point on your travel.

best restaurant in Jakarta

6. Bunga Rampai

I’m a big fan of rustic places, those adorned with sophisticated chandeliers without being too intimidating or classy. And at first look, I know that the Dutch-influenced Bunga Rampai won’t disappoint. The restaurant itself is housed in an old colonial building but it’s now an image of Indonesian comfort and elegance.

Bunga Rampai is open from 11 am to 11 pm and they serve a variety of Asian foods including Halal, vegan, and gluten-free options. You shouldn’t miss their Kembang Pacar, beef stew, and a few Dutch offers they have on the menu.

Also, a trio will go from table to table to ask for romantic song requests. Overall, the ambiance is laid back and quiet as long as there are no big parties happening. You should dress properly as this best restaurant in Jakarta is a fine dining spot. Once you arrived here, you’ll be welcomed by Batik-wearing ladies in the reception area.

The only downside-which I want to consider as a warning-is that foods here can be a little too spicy. If you’re not fond of spicy food, you can request that the chili be toned down.

7. Sana Sini Restaurant

If you’re staying at the Central Jakarta, you shouldn’t miss having a dinner at the Sana Sini Restaurant. Sana Sini means ‘here, there’, and wherever you came from, you’ll find something special inside this award-winning fine dining restaurant. This place serves a fusion of Indonesian and European flavors where you can watch as your foods are prepared on their live cooking stations.

You can binge eat on their sashimi, Peking duck dishes, and other offers. If you’re the type who can eat almost every flavor, this place is a food haven for you. There are options on this best restaurant in Jakarta like Chinese, Japanese, Western, and lots of pastries waiting for you to taste.

It’s advisable that you spend a long time here so you can enjoy their five food stations and try each one. Bring a friend with you so you won’t be too guilty of splurging alone. This is situated at the Pullman Hotels and Resort.

If you can, visit on a Sunday as they have a special offer called the Magnificent Brunch that has extensive buffets from their top chef. Pay a little more and you can enjoy the free-flowing wine!

8. Bebek Omahan

If you ask someone where to taste the best fried duck in the whole Western Java, he will surely bring you to Bebek Omahan. This is just a humble place where you can have a quick bite or a budget-friendly dinner. If you want to have a quiet meal, go here during weekdays when Bebek Omahan is almost deserted. Order their famous Sayur Asem or roasted duck and taste the authentic Java spices.

Remember that this place only serves duck dishes and at least one seafood choice like the Smashed Freshwater Crayfish with sambal. Anyway, this place is for the money and won’t give you diarrhea, which is very important if you’re traveling alone. Indeed, it’s the best restaurant in Jakarta.

This is located at Daerah Khusus Ibukota that is about three kilometers away from the Bandung Grand Mosque.

best restaurant in Jakarta

9. Lara Djonggrang

Fine dining is more than fine at Lara Djonggrang Restaurant at Tugu Hotel. It’s the image of Indonesian culture with its very elegant setup and décor. Since this is another fine dining place, make sure to dress formally. The atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect for savoring local dishes like gado gado and satay. They also have a wide selection of wines if you can pay an extra.

The experience is already memorable but don’t be captured by the interior design too much. Savor the food that the chefs prepared using different regional styles. You can’t find something else like this in Jakarta and the fact that they have a long menu should be enough to convince you to visit.

When it comes to the downside, the staffs aren’t really fluent in English. You may want to tag along with a local friend or a guide so you can order without hassle. The price here could be expensive since this is fine dining but it’s worth it considering the visual feast you’ll have over the design.

10. Namaaz Dining

As a laidback fine dining place, Namaaz is one of the favorites at the south of the capital. If you’re looking for a place for a dinner date, you shouldn’t miss the vibe of this best restaurant in Jakarta. They only accommodate 28 seats every night so you may want to book early. It’s advisable to reserve seats from Tuesday to Saturday so you can experience the 17-course meals.

But if you’re traveling with a kid, it’s unfortunate that this place doesn’t have a high chair for babies. Serving time for meals may also take time and the youngsters may not be patient enough. Still, the consolation is that this place is smoking-free.

You’ll not be disappointed with the food as Namaaz Dining is the first molecular gastronomy restaurant in the country. The prices of food would be expensive but you’re assured that you’re eating well-prepared and quality meals. Overall, this is a cool place if you want some classy experience.

With the increasing competition in the culinary industry, finding the best restaurant in Jakarta is a hard task for a new traveler. But if you have this guide and a little experience in your past travels, you’re going to have many enjoyable meals. From budget-friendly foods to fine dining, I listed awesome choices here that you can enjoy. Have you chosen one that you’ll visit? Share your gastro choice with us!

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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Jakarta To Visit

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