10 Best Resorts in Indonesia You Should Check Out On Your Trip

Looking for an accommodation in the country wouldn’t be a problem with all the dazzling private resorts dotting each island. The best resorts in Indonesia are the staple of many travel sites and if you’re looking for one on your vacation, this post will be your one-stop reference. Each resort is glamorous in its own right and can fit a variety of travel budget. Here, I listed ten of the best picks for tourists on which the majority is located in the wonderful place of Bali.

1. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

If you’re looking for all the pleasures of the Bali island, you should check out the Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay. The resort is the quintessential image of tropical Bali that can be romantic, luxurious, and relaxing depending on what you want. Four Seasons is mounted in front of the ocean and is designed to give a feel of the traditional Balinese villages.

They have luxury villas that have individual infinity pools, but if you want to have a spot fit for a royalty, book the Royal Villa Deck. Nothing beats its vista not to mention the holistic spa treatments you can enjoy. Four Seasons is a paradise in Bali where sitting by the pool deck is still a wonderful thing to do.

Since this is situated on the beachfront, you can easily hit the white sand and do water sports.

2. Amandari Bali

Like the Four Seasons Resort, the Amandari Bali is inspired from traditional villages where local artisanship is at its finest. The resort itself is the right mix of wellness, dining, and events that you can enjoy on your stay. Amandari is as upscale as the best resorts in Indonesia so you should expect to spend more than the usual price of adjacent hotels.

True enough, this resort is a gem in front of the beach where you can either soak yourself in the natural water or indulge in the infinity pool. Perched among the treetops, Amandari villas won’t disappoint you with the view. It’s a tropical splendor paired with the earthy, woody scent.  The best part is that Amandari just 10 minutes away from the attractions of Ubud.

If you want the best stay, choose a valley view villa rather than a garden one.

best resorts in Indonesia

3. St. Regis Bali Resort

Another sanctuary on a Bali beachfront is the St. Regis Bali Resort. This place offers only private villas and an outstanding 24-hour butler service for your comfort. This place has a grand vibe but also intimate and homey at some point. If you can’t afford a villa, you can stay at the main hotel then make the most out of the beach.

The only downside about St. Regis Bali is that there are only a few nearby restaurants if you want to unwind. Anyway, the food in the hotel won’t starve you as they serve really good Balinese cuisines. Don’t miss their breakfast buffet which is one of the best in the island. It’s incomparable to other best resorts in Indonesia.

You should also take a dip on the saltwater lagoon adjacent to the villas. Even if it’s high tide, you can still swim on the beach. St. Regis is a flawless choice that will make you feel regal during your stay.

4. The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua

The Westin Resort is your fix of luxury in the fraction of the price of the first resorts I suggested here. It’s located in the tourist favorite Nusa Dua where the tropical setting never ceases to amaze visitors. You can relax on a deck overlooking the Indian Ocean or indulge on the private beach that’s not cramped with visitors. Overall, this place is a value for money with the best staff, food, and wellness offers that you can find.

This resort will also be a good place for your kids, and if you want to throw a birthday party, the staff will go beyond and help you out. If you want to chill out, head to the spa. It’s rare for a visitor to have an unsatisfactory experience on the spa, but if you happen to be on the position, the staff will compensate well by discounting your treatment up to half the price.

5. Menjangan

If you think five-star, best resorts in Indonesia are overrated; you should definitely try The Menjangan. It stretches at the 382 hectares of land near the Bali Barat National Park. This is a place close to nature where you can go horseback riding, bird watching, trekking, or kayaking. The Menjangan is a very laid back resort where you can stay either in the Monsoon Lodge, Beach villa, or The Residence. All of these are stunning, but if you want the view of the sea, you shouldn’t book on The Residence.

This place aims to give visitors a unique nature experience without the usual hotel vibe you can experience anywhere. As a boutique resort, this is a casual hideout if you want to have a break from the city life. All Menjangan offers are peace of mind, luxury, and relaxation beyond compare. Even if it’s close to nature, you still have access to common staples like spa treats and lifestyle retreats.

best resorts in Indonesia

6. Melia Bali

Exotic luxury is what Melia Bali offers to its visitors. Who can resist the beauty of the 10-hectare tropical gardens that have all the pleasure you need for a grand vacation? Book at The Level Lounge to experience everything that Melia Bali has to offer like teatime by the pool, personalized turndown service, discount on spa treatment and more. Don’t miss having your breakfast at the Sorrento restaurant as it’s something tourists crave for.

You should also enjoy the shallow beachfront or the swimming pool in the resort. If you want a nightlife experience, stay up from 7 pm to 10 pm on this place tagged as one of the best resorts in Indonesia.

The best thing about Melia Bali is that your privacy is very much respected and the staffs are very hospitable. The place is quiet, and though the volcano may cause some issues, this is still a resort worth visiting.

7. Rama Candidasa Resort and Spa

Dinner on the deck overlooking the ocean, a cozy relaxation time by the infinity pool, or a well-deserved massage, Rama Candidasa Resort and Spa has it all for you. It’s not short of Bali’s tropical wonder that every nature lover would love. You can visit the rice fields, enjoy the view of the mountain, or just stay in your room by the garden. They have a wide selection of accommodation, but I suggest that you pick one with the ocean view.

There are only a handful of resorts in Candidasa and staying one located on a stunning beachfront is to die for. The best part is you can enjoy it at a lower price compared to other best resorts in Indonesia. It’s a home away from home. Rama Candidasa is the best choice if you’re tired of large groups ruining your relaxation.

8. Bali Dynasty Hotel and Resort

If you find yourself wandering at South Kuta, don’t hesitate to book a stay at the Bali Dynasty Hotel and Resort. This place is a premier one and kids and adults will love it alike. Bali Dynasty Hotel has 313 rooms that range from different types and you can book the family suite if you’re bringing friends and family along.

They want everyone to have a place to gravitate in so they built a kid’s club for the youngsters, Ashoka spa for the tired adults, and a salon for everyone who wants to experience luxury to the maximum.

BDR is near shopping establishments but it amazingly maintained its serenity. If you want to light up your night, go to the Gracie Kelly’s pub where they have a nice band. This may not be as stunning as beach resorts; BDR is still one of the best resorts in Indonesia.

best resorts in Indonesia

9. Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort

Have a retreat at the Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort and experience the best vacation at an exclusive spot at Nusa Dua. The beautiful beach is paired with the 188 rooms inspired by contemporary Balinese designs but not short of modern amenities to exceed your expectation of comfort. You can also find your favorite dishes here as Grand Aston has three bars that serve Asian and Western flavors.

Bali can be very noisy at times but Grand Aston Resort is able to retain the calmness its facilities resound. It’s the laid-back side of the island that you would love to visit more than once.

Don’t forget to try their spas and swimming pool. Though a lot of tourists go here, space is more than enough to maintain your privacy. You can also stroll around the restaurants and shops surrounding the resort.

10. Segara Village Hotel

Sanur has a certain mystic to it that magnetizes tourists who want to enjoy the pleasures of Bali. The Bali Beach Club here would surely give you the ocean experience you want not to mention the traditional accommodation they offer. Book a stay at the Segara Village 2 to experience a nature-filled vacation with surrounding gardens. This is different than other best resorts in Indonesia.

Segara Village is like the Garden of Eden. It’s tranquil but has everything you need for more than a happy stay. You can order whatever you want even Italian and Japanese cuisines that you haven’t tasted before. There are also complimentary cocktails from the staff. If you want to have a drink, you can head to the nearest bars that are just 15 minutes away from the hotel.

If you stay on the beach, you’ll probably have a nice glimpse of the Mt. Agung Volcano. Some visitors even describe the place as immaculate with the friendly staff and wonderful views making the stay wonderful.

The best resorts in Indonesia I listed here are mostly located in Bali. Who can’t stop wondering about the tropical gem called Bali? Prices can be a bit high, at least for Asians, but the stay is worth every cent.  Some resorts here will cost you more than you’ll spend on a homestay but nothing beats luxury in the right place. Do you agree? Let us know!

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10 Best Resorts in Indonesia You Should Check Out On Your Trip

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