8 Best Places To Stay in Bali For A Wonderful Vacation

Bali is the melting pot of culture in Indonesia. More than the capital Jakarta, Bali captivates tourists’ hearts for a vacation worth remembering. It’s an Asian paradise that has everyone needs to splurge and indulge. Be it beautiful shorelines, food, or attractions, Bali will never disappoint. Still, not every single spot here is golden for a stay. You should know the best places to stay in Bali to make the most out of your well-deserved relaxation.

Here, I listed eight of the best destinations if ever you’re planning a staycation. Go on and look for your guilty pleasures!

1. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua offers a wide variety of resorts, but if you want to feel the Bali vibe, look for an accommodation near the streets where restaurants and cafés bustle day in and day out. This place is paradise for those travelers looking for a complete rest and escape from the noise of the city life.

If you let your feet wander, you can enjoy more things here in Nusa Dua like the camel rides on the shore of the beaches, the very delicious meals at Bumbu Bali, and more stuff that you can find in this upscale side of Bali.

There are cultural performances here from time to time if ever you want to unwind and discover the culture more.

2. Best Places To Stay In Bali: Ubud

For a traveler looking for a place close to nature, Ubud is the destination to be. The surroundings here are abundant with trees, waterfalls, and parks that you can visit. Don’t forget to include in your list the Ubud rice terraces and the Monkey Forest. This place would also be a great yoga retreat spot.

If you have the courage, you can ride a scooter and go around the town. You can visit temples here or some low-key cafés on your way. If you’re planning to go full blast on the Monkey Forest, be warned that the bananas you’ll bring will turn the macaques into aggressive creatures. Overall, this place is worth a stay.

best places to stay in Bali

3. Seminyak

If you want to be abreast with the Bali action, find a spot in Seminyak to stay at. There are many surrounding boutiques, cafés, and homestays in this part of Bali that you can enjoy. It’s advisable to spend the night watching sunsets and eating relaxing dinner than being drunk on a night bar. If you have the budget, find your loot on shops like Potato Head, Ku De Ta, and Cocoon.

Aside from the town’s buzz, you should also take time to try scuba diving or check the Nyaman Gallery. Seminyak is a versatile place to stay at and it can suit your mood. If you’re a little gloomy, try horseback riding during a sunset on this spot tagged as one of the best places to stay in Bali.

4. Kuta

Kuta is your choice of place if you’re looking for a quick vacation with lots of partying. This is a favorite spot for backpackers due to its vibrant atmosphere that reflects the Bali spirit. If you don’t want to mix with the crowd in a nightclub, head to one of the beaches and watch the sunset. Kuta has a lot to offer, but if you’re looking for a laid-back experience, you may want to consider Nusa Dua instead.

Still, you can let loose on the famous Waterbom or the Kuta Beach. The Upside Down World Bali will also be a fun destination with friends. If you want to unleash your shopaholic self, head to Beachwalk or UpCycle.

5. Uluwatu

Just imagine yourself relaxing in an infinity pool while feasting your eyes on the view of the Bukit Peninsula. Do you want to pack your bags now? If so, you should head to Uluwatu. This is another serene place to stay in Bali where you can spend the day sleeping, eating, and swimming on the azure beach.

Uluwatu is dotted with spas, cafés, and anything that will make you relax. If you’re not planning to have a party-filled vacation, this side of Bali will work for you. Uluwatu will also be a good choice for anyone as long as they find the right bar to spend the night. Did I already mention that this is one of the best places to stay in Bali for surfers?

best places to stay in Bali

6. Canggu

Nothing beats pristine Bali spots to spend a vacation. Canggu is the best find in Bali if you’re looking for a place that isn’t battered by mass tourism yet. It’s a sweet place for sunsets, beachfront bars, and low-key relaxation. If you’re foreseeing lazy days for your vacation, choose a homestay or go lepaking at the beach. Surfing is also a great past time here.

To relax, head at The Lawn and sit in one of the beanbags while you watch the sunset. And if you want to stay fit, you can join a yoga class. You can also get your work going at the co-working space of Dojo Bali.

7. Jimbaran Bay

If you want to disconnect to the world and the other best places to stay in Bali, the Jimbaran Bay would be the perfect spots. Restaurants here serve good dinner and the sunsets are stunning. Some tourists may not prefer to stay here because it’s very laid-back. Still, you can stay in a different hotel then call a resto to pick you up for dinner and bring you back again to your place.

You can rent a boat with the locals so you can visit the water temples here. There are also limestone cliffs that are worth the visit.

8. Sanur

From golf courses, resorts, spas, and temple visits, Sanur can give it to you. This place has a great selection of villas, unlike the adjacent Seminyak or Kuta. You can start your staycation here with a visit to the Bali Orchid Garden or the stone pillar at the Pura Belangjong. Sanur is also an upscale part of Bali where you can splash in Waterbom or play golf at the beach golf course.

One thing that you wouldn’t want to miss is the four-kilometer beachfront where tourists flock to have a drink on the surrounding cafés and restaurants.

If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Bali, you should consider the type of vacation you want to achieve. Each spot here in Bali fits a specific traveler. If you figure out which one you want, you’ll have a worthwhile vacation. Which one of these do you want to pick? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

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8 Best Places To Stay in Bali For A Wonderful Vacation

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